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About Bituka3D

Bituka3D is a team of 3d Artists specializes in 3D Human Anatomy, Architectural visualization, animation and digital assets. Though laboratories signifies medical term we also specializes in various field of 3D works. Architectural, mechanical, industrial design and animation, Bituka3d uses the latest technology to bring modern presentation to the next level.

The study of human body and how it works, it is the most wonderful creation of nature and the neverending discoveries we find since the beginning of our existence .One of these are understanding our weakness, cure, evolution, genetic behavior, coping to different environments and time. Our goal is to provide students, geneticist, physicians, scientists and medical researchers a tool to illustrate more each of our body parts in a richer media bringing the computer and internet a viable tool to bring us to understand more of our species.



We specializes in 3D asset management and Human Anatomy is one of our primary models since we started but we also specializes in most of other categories like Architectural visualization, Product design and branding, character  and hard surface modeling.


Pat Soriano

3D Artist

Von Soriano

3D Artist

Raf Soriano

3D Artist


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.